Founded in 1974 by Peter Knott, a pioneer in the South African Game Ranching Industry.  Greater Kuduland has established a very high standard of service and trophy quality.

The family operation run by Howard Knott, takes great pride in the relationship between wildlife conservation and ethical hunting, careful monitoring of our +/- 8 000 animals, helps produce superior trophies year in and year out.

We offer fair chase in large unspoiled areas, the majority of the land we own ourselves. Not only will you be hunting on some of South Africa’s largest privately owned reserves but also amongst 4 of the Big 5.

We specialize in Rifle and Bow hunting and bow blinds are all permanently set up large enough to hold up to 5 people shooting distances are between 5 and 25 yards.

Our hunting areas are situated in the Limpopo Province not too far from the towns of Alldays and Musina.  We are easy to reach by Road, Commercial Airline or Charter Flights. Our Safaris camps are designed for privacy and we pride ourselves in giving our clients the opportunity to have the camps for their sole use.